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Allen County Maps

Iola Maps

The interactive map on your right is sectioned into a 4x4 grid. Click on the section of Iola you want to zoom in on, or select a full map from the list of formats below. Use your browsers back button to return to this page.

Map Name Format File Size
Iola 640x989 GIF image 118Kb
Iola 1199x1200 pixels GIF image 122Kb
Iola Fast Loading big map of Iola
(sectioned images)
Iola 2234x2235 pixels JPG image 2.7Mb
Iola Windows Meta File Format WMF 4.4Mb
Iola Xara .WEB format
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To view this format you must first download a plug-in for Netscape. Works great with Netscape and allows you to zoom, print and export. Not compatable with Internet Explorer 4.0 and later.

Grid 1x1 Grid 1x2 Grid 1x3 Grid 1x4
Grid 2x1 Grid 2x2 Grid 2x3 Grid 2x4
Grid 3x1 Grid 3x2 Grid 3x3 Grid 3x4
Grid 4x1 Grid 3x2 Grid 4x3 Grid 4x4

This digital Map of Iola was created using
December 1999 KDOT data converted to raster format.

Allen County Maps

The primary source of this map was the 1989 Kansas Department of Transportation Map. We have added the 911 addressing system which shows the country road names. This map does not show the new bypass around Iola which is now US 169 / US 57 Highway. The new US169 highway route can been seen in the Iola map above (red lines).

Map Name Format File Size
Allen Fast loading big map of Allen County
(sectioned images)
Allen 1197x971 pixels GIF image 173Kb
Allen 1197x971 pixels JPG image 353Kb

Map of Allen County

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