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Advertise your Business in the Iola.com Directory

Get your business listed in the most popular local web site serving the Iola Kansas area, Iola.com.

What you get

Your Iola.com Standard Directory Listing (example) includes:

  • Your contact information: business name, address, and phone numbers.
  • Your listing, if maintained on a yearly basis, will most likely be included in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves / Teoma and many more. In many cases you will be listed quite well for a listing of this sort as Iola.com has an excellent reputation and popularity with all search engines. This means your listing will very likely show up for topics related to what your business sells for this geographic region.
Introductory Special Offer!
$25.00 Standard Directory Listing (*12 months)

Enhanced Directory Listings (example) include all of the Standard listing features above plus:

  • Photo of your business location.
  • A link to your Web site that gives buyers more decisive information.
  • A link to your Email address that allows buyers to send email to you.
  • Your hours of operation and payment options.
  • Up to 2000 characters (approx. 340 words) of text describing your services or products you offer.
Introductory Special Offer!
$45.00 Enhanced Directory Listing (*12 months)


In order to maintain the relevancy of our directory, we only accept business listings from companies in the South East Kansas Area. We will not accept listings for businesses that engage in illegal or immoral activities. We reserve the right to refuse a listing at our discretion without explanation.


Iola.com is not responsible for your listing or lack thereof in Internet Search engines, only the creation of your listing on this site. Although purchase of a listing on this site makes it extremely likely that you will be listed highly for terms relevant to your services or products in this geographic area, we do not guarantee this will occur.


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